Why Stark Makes Your Life Better

First day in your new place

You move into your new place and unpack your things, leaving a few boxes of rarely used bits in the spare room. You slump on your old sofa and wonder how you are every going to make this place feel like yours.

Your first thought is to jump on Pinterest, after all it's free! You scroll for what seems like hours and end up seeing the same perfect looking rooms over and over again. You shut your laptop in dispair.

Sounds familiar?

That's because we've been through it too and it's the reason we created Stark and we're here to bring you the solution. Say goodbye to searching for ideas on the cheap but never finding anything and "hello" to the Stark way.

Stark the old way

Stark the new way

By talking directly to a professional interior designer, you can tell them what style you like and dislike, show them how your place looks and they can suggest personalised recommendations. It costs thousands to actually hire a designer right?


With Stark you can get the advice of a professional interior designer completely online. Simply take our style quiz, upload a photo of your space and your designer will send you mood boards, floor plans and a personal shopping list. Because the designer never needs to come to your home this dramatically cuts the cost, meaning we can offer the services of a professional for a fraction of the price.

Enjoy the home you've always wanted

Why not take our style quiz and find your style profile for free today.