Indoor plant power

I can not help it . Summer is in my hair. Flowers, plants, green colour is all over. So today I thought I would gather some interior inspirations with indoor plants. This post is just to get general idea how and where you can use indoor plants. Next time will be about what plants, where and why to use them.
Lets get inspired.

Want a space that looks as cool as these? Why not hire us.

Plans as colour detail Green plants enliven any space. If you have a white space, it will especially be seen.

Big plant in interior

Suggestion would be to add green touches to the interior to highlight the greenery.
Tree branches Even these are not flower pots, the look is great. The idea to use tree braches.

Hanging plower pots interior Plant and pots as light fixture. Modern, fresh idea,

Flower pots as light fixture More traditional look.

Plants in interior Use space opening s as an oportunity to grow tall plants. Also it can be as connecting element of different spaces.

Hign space plants Hanging flower pots -interesting, accent for you room and space saver.

livingroom and plants

Hanging plant in flat Works perfect in this interior.

Tall plants in interior

Cactus on table It doe not look much, but without it would be huge decor loss.

industrial interior with plants Brings character to the space.

plants in living space

Flower in livingroom

Yellow flower pot as maching detail Not only flowers but also flower pots will shape our spaces into something unique

Plant detail TThose little details...

flower pots Using an opportunity. Devides the room and will not consume needed space.

Small indoor plants

Cactus interior detail

flower pots

Flowers in boxes I love this idea.

flower pots

Flower pots

quirky pots

Plants in Bedroom Plants in bedroom.

Bedroom plants

Plants on wall Even small plants can make huge difference in your space

Flower bedroom Bedroom of a real plant lover.

Plant in bedroom

Hanging plants in bedroom Hanging plants in bedroom

Herbs in kitchen Kitchen plants can not only look great but also be used in cooking. Use your space wisely and create herb garden in your kitchen.

Boxed herb harden Little bit of imagination and old boxes will be as new plant boxes. Why not to paint simple flower pots to suit your kitchen.

Hang vine and over sizes planter pots over island to bring unusual and warmth accent in modern kitchen that captured sights

kitchen plants

Herb indoor garde

Flowers in window

Plant in kitchen Being healthy

kitchen herbs

Modern hearb harden in the kitchen Modern kitchen and modern herb garden

Batrhoom plants You wont see many bathrooms with plants in it.They are rare, and when designing people avoid to use them because there is no space for growing anything. If you have space for it here lets inspire you.

Bathroom plants

Plants in bathroom

Bathroom plant

plants in shower

plants in bathroom

plants in bathroom

plants in bathroom

plants in bathroom

I hope you found some ideas that will suit yur space. More Comming up soon ....